A patient called Aluma Akbar met his fate of death on the streets of Arua city ,Police in Arua is investigating the circumstances under which a Tuberculosis patient could have escaped and died on the streets of the city

Anguzu our agent in arua city told this publication that the deceased has been identified by police as a resident of Charanga parish, Yumbe town council in Yumbe district, was admitted in Arua regional referral hospital in Yumbe as a patient of tuberculosis as of June 22nd in the TB Ward.

However, sources say he escaped from his ward in the night of June 26th however at the time of this post the time of his escape was not yet equated, he is said to have moved towards Mvara direction where he was beaten to death by unknown persons. It’s not yet established as to whether the deceased got out and did actions that led to his death or due to mental problem as a result of the sickness he was going through,” said SSP Josephine Angucia the police spokesperson of West Nile region.

Police informed this publication that no arrest has been made yet as investigations continue at Arua Central Business Division CRB 517/2023.

SSP Josephine Angucia urged the public to desist from always using or taking the law into their hands, she also further guided the public to desist from acts of mob justice which are not only backward but also unlawful.