The UPDF  in eastern DRC under the umbrella of East African Community Regional Force (EACRF) peacekeeping mission has constructed a house for Mzee Sefuko Ghato of Amafiga village,an 80 years of age in  Kaabanda sub county.

The house was constructed by the UPDF contingent engineering unit.and is a two bedroomed house located approximately 11km from Bunagana border and 28 km from the contingent headquarters located at Kiwanja-Nyongera town was handed over to the 80 year old by a UPDF team led by the contingent commander, Col Michael Walaka Hyeroba,the UPDF commander applauded the UPDF leadership for allowing him facilitate the activity to promote mutual cooperation between the Ugandan contingent and the civilian community in DRC.

“To UPDF, the civilians are a very important aspect in UPDF Ugacon Military activities in the EACRF peace keeping operations and to the entire UPDF as a family . It is this family which has enabled us to build a decent home for Mzee Ghato. We also furnished it with a four-inch bed, mattress, bed sheets and a blanket so that the Mzee Sefuko Ghato can sleep comfortably,” he said.The people of Rutshuru territory and the entire North Kivu applauded Col. Walaka and the army leadershaip for the guesture they showed one of there colleagues and they welcomed the peace keepers to keep around for the gesture is also a sign of there presence thus security for them and there property.

while addressing them, He further promised and pledged to work so closely with the civil populace to ensure that total peace and stability returns in North Kivu.

Speaking after being handed the house, Mzee Ghato could not hide tears of joy upon “ the dream come true ” from the Ugandan army

“Today my dream of getting a permanent house has been fulfilled by UPDF,” the 80 year old said as tears of joy rolled down his cheeks.

According to the contingent spokesperson, Capt Kato Ahmad Hassan, the project is a gesture of appreciation to the community for their tireless co-operation  rendered to the Ugandan contingent while executing the mandate of EACRF in DRC.

The handover was also witnessed by the contingent administrative officer Lt Col Matin Tokwaro Komakech among other contingent head quarter staff officers and men.