By Teso Editorial.

As Ugandan Secondary schools enter the third year of implementing the new curriculum, Private schools in Teso Sub – Region are reportedly failing to catch up with the new trend of Education.

 The Local leaders have therefore asked the ministry of Education to close private Schools that are failing to pick up with the use of the new lower secondary curriculum for teaching students.

On Friday last week, leaders in Soroti held a meeting with the commissioner of Secondary education in the ministry of Education and Sports Mr. Samuel Golooba as they launched the distribution of the new curriculum text books to all the Teso School with an attempt to smoothen the new academic trend.

Simon Peter Edoru Ekuu the LC.5 chairman Soroti district voiced his concern on the lousy private Schools that are operating in hidden parts of his district. He revealed that such schools should be closed to secure the bright future of the students.

“Most Schools in Soroti district are operating in shabby corridors and small sitting rooms which are really not favorable environments for the students learning, on top of that they are still using the old curriculum for teaching”, Edoru said.

He expressed this to the commissioner Golooba asking if such schools should be closed.

Salim Kumaketch the Soroti Resident district Commissioner also urged the commissioner to close private schools whose administrators have failed to catch up with the new curriculum.

“It is very true that many of the Schools in Soroti district have not embraced the new lower secondary curriculum and this is putting us at the point of slosing them”, he said.

Meanwhile the Teso’s traditional schools like Teso Collage Aloet, Ngora High School and Soroti Senior Secondary school among other government schools have been reportedly performing well with the new lower secondary curriculum.

Mr. Julius Opaso the head teacher of Teso Collage Aloet proved the smooth implementation of the curriculum in his School especially now that the government has supplied them with the new reading materials.

Samuel Golooba the commissioner of Secondary Education advised Schools to embrace government’s trend of direction in education by use of new lower secondary curriculum.

The fact that education enables gainful employment opportunities and empowers boys and girls to participate in decision making to build a better future and their communities, Uganda upgraded its secondary Schools’ curriculum known as the lower Secondary curriculum, aimed at preparing all round future citizens and country is now in the third year of its implementation.