Why Iteso need to know about Virtual Assistant opportunities.

Why Iteso need to know about Virtual Assistant opportunities.


Every business must rely on research to inform its operations, whether it’s analysis of the market, customers, or performance. Research, too, can be a commodity to sell to clients. But research can be a time-consuming endeavour, even with dedicated resources, so some companies use virtual assistants to assist with compiling this information. Because these tasks are typically more manual, they’re best suited to virtual assistants specialized in data analysis.


Content management

If you use editorial content to drive traffic to your site, increase brand awareness, and engage potential customers, then you likely know the immense amount of work that goes into operations. A virtual assistant can help manage a production calendar, organize writing resources, and facilitate various elements of the publishing process, making it easier for you to focus on growing the content program.


Social media production

While many companies understand the importance of online engagement with potential customers or clients, the demands of social media management can sometimes seem endless. Virtual assistants are helpful for responding to comments and communicating with followers, but they can also maintain a posting schedule and even analyze account data.


Communication-related tasks

Answering phone calls and emails 

Greeting clients and visitors

Communicating with senior managers and other colleagues 

Answering customers’ questions

All types of business correspondence

Written communication such as compiling reports, memos, faxes, and other documents 

Developing and distributing internal communications

Using problem-solving skills to resolve office-related issues


Scheduling tasks

Scheduling appointments for managers, executives, and clients

General calendar management

Event coordination, including client lunches and office activities (parties, team-building activities, etc)

Planning company all-hands meetings

Scheduling appropriate conference and meeting rooms 


Organizational tasks 

Maintaining multiple calendars 

Setting appointments 

Filing various documents and maintaining databases 

Creating filing systems 

Updating spreadsheets and other data entry tasks

Creating email templates 

Storing sensitive information correctly 


Management of finances and bookkeeping tasks

Keeping track of finances is an essential part of running a profitable business, and virtual assistants can help manage a budget, make purchases, and track expenses.

Recording and reconciling office expenses

Managing employee expense processes

Managing travel expense processes 

Using accounting and expense management tools 

Processing client/customer payments 

Compiling financial reports

Managing reimbursement processes

Creating invoices and billing clients 


Miscellaneous administrative tasks 

Dictation, note taking, and transcribing

Updating the company’s social media pages

Creating and maintaining office documentation

Sorting and distributing mail

Organizing health and safety and first aid training 

Setting up online conferences

Updating employee handbooks and other relevant policy documents

Helping schedule job interviews and exit interviews

Organizing employee paperwork

Maintaining and updating employees’ emergency contact information


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